What Should We Do If The Plastic Barrel Is Broken?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Plastic bucket This is a necessity in our life. It can be seen everywhere. The application is very extensive. Let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of plastic buckets.

    It can be bonded with epoxy resin glue, which is waterproof, corrosion resistant and anti-aging. How to use: 1. Use dry cotton cloth or sandpaper to remove dust, oil, rust, etc. from the surface, and then wipe with a cleaning agent such as acetone or trichloroethylene to clean the surface. 2, unscrew the front cover, according to the above-mentioned weight ratio A agent B agent can be fully stirred and used (A: B = 2: 1); in order to ensure the effect of use, vacuum can also be used before use. 3, pay attention to use up within the operating time must be used up, otherwise it will solidify, resulting in wasted material, can get higher strength after 24 hours. 4, after the glue. 2 to 6 hours at room temperature, curing 40 degrees to 50 degrees, 1 to 3 hours of curing; coating after 24 hours of use; 10 days after the better adhesion. For cold and humid days, it is good to bond at room temperature of 15 to 25 degrees. 5, bonding straight face, when hanging the noodles, after the glue must be coated with self-adhesive paper, or with 502 glue positioning. Epoxy Resin Formulation Epoxy Resin AB is an epoxy resin based two-component high temperature adhesive, which is mainly used for bonding high temperature resistant metals and ceramics. It has a working temperature of -50 to 180 ° C and a short time of 250 ° C.