What Is The Difference Between A 500ml Paint Can And A Thinner Can?

- Apr 30, 2019-

The 500ml paint cans are extremely durable and have a very long service life. They can be loaded with any item and are not affected by various harsh environments. They can be used for items or transportation. The products of 500ml paint cans are divided into two categories: closed and full open. According to different thickness steel plates, they can be divided into heavy tanks, medium tanks, medium and medium tanks and light tanks.


The 500ml paint can has strong technical force and mature production technology, and has strong product testing methods, which provides a strong guarantee for ensuring the high quality of the products. Although the 500ml paint cans and the thinner packaging cans are all cans, the name can also be used to easily find the difference between the two.


One is for painting, and the other is for thinner materials. This is obviously different in the material of the can. Therefore, there will be differences in the inside of the tank. Generally speaking, the inner side of the 500ml paint can is relatively smooth, because the paint has a relatively large adsorption force, and the thin material packaging barrel has no special requirements.


Secondly, as a 500ml paint can, it is mainly used to hold paint buckets. It can also be said to be containers. Many of them are made of iron, and there is a layer of anti-rust packaging paint on the surface. Such buckets generally have pressure bearing requirements and rust prevention requirements for the container.