The Success And Failure Of The Iron Box Enterprise Management Journey

- Jun 19, 2019-

The ups and downs of business, the vicissitudes of The Times, for large and small iron box entrepreneurs, I am afraid that they have experienced the joy of success and the pain of failure. In the iron box enterprise management journey, success and failure are often only one step away.

The world has always been a victorious general, guan yunchang once had "five passes, six" scenery, but also have "lost wheat city" distressed; Napoleon had the distinction of sweeping a thousand armies, but he also had the misfortune of failing miserably at Waterloo.

Such is the case. When things are going smoothly, we should think of waves, eddies and reefs. Career success, but also to think of crisis, think of hidden dangers, think of failure. People often say, failure is the mother of success, when starting a business, go through hardships, indomitable, not shaken by failure and setbacks, discouraged, yield, this is generally easy to do. But success is also the mother of failure, people are often not easy to accept. Little do not know, when the flowers waved, the wine glass frequency lift, when the flash lights, is often your head is hot, forget oneself, if not a little cool, a little not sober, a little negligence, it will be in the seeds of failure at this time. Success, is gratifying, but also can breed failure, lead to failure. People can often overcome failure, but often can not overcome success.