Safety Technology For Steel Drum Milling Production

- Jun 12, 2018-

The few edge grinding machines used in the barrel making industry in China are based on grinding wheels. The grinding wheels consume a lot of time during grinding and need to be adjusted and repaired frequently. The daily static management tasks are heavy. In the use of the grinding wheel, it can cause damage due to the intrinsic quality of the grinding wheel, packaging, transportation and storage, and device operation. The speed of the grinding wheel task is high, and scattered abrasive particles inhale into the human body and affect the well-being and cause accidents when they enter the eyes. Thus, the edging machine has a greater influence on the safety and well-being of the operator.

The edger can not be installed in corrosive or flammable places, such as heat treatment workshops, woodworking rooms, gas stations, oil depots, etc.


The degree of protection of the edging machine wheel shield should not exceed 125o, the shield should have sufficient strength, shield plate thickness should not be less than 3mm, grinding machine grinding wheel and the front cover of the gap (adjustment) is 20 ~ 30mm The clearance between the outer cover plate and the grinding wheel is 10~15mm, and the grinding machine should be equipped with a grinding wheel that conforms to the regular diameter and thickness.


Before the device is used, the grinding wheel must undergo meticulous and careful reflection. The reflection items include:


(1) Whether there is certificate of conformity and whether it can be stored within the rules;


(2) The characteristics of the grinding wheel such as abrasive, grain size, hardness, bonding agent, external dimensions and circumferential speed can meet the process requirements of edge grinding equipment;


(3) Whether the appearance of defects or cracks;


(4) The four points corresponding to the two sides of the grinding wheel are struck with a wooden hammer and should be the corresponding loud sounds. If there is a stuffy sound or no sound, then it is not allowed to use;


(5) The inner hole of the grinding wheel should be bright and free of scratches;


(6) The custody of the grinding wheel should be taken care not to be placed in a wet, oily center. It should be stored on a public wooden stand and placed upright.


The edging board of the grinding wheel edging machine can avoid sparks or granules splashing when edging, and can also hold the wheel smashing fly to counter the wounded operator; the bracket can avoid the smashing of the steel plate material and damage the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel edging machine must have enough strength when it is used to manufacture the ribs and brackets. The width of the ribs should not be less than the width of the grinding wheel. Both the bracket diameter and the radial direction can be adjusted. There is no sag or gap on each side edge. angle. The clearance between the scraper plate and the grinding wheel should be adjusted regularly.


The function of the flange next to the edging machine wheel is to transmit the driving force of the motor to the grinding wheel, and to ensure the fluctuation of the grinding wheel operation; the diameter of the flange should be greater than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel and the diameters of both sides are equal; the flange No buckling and deformation, otherwise it can form a grinding wheel fracture, the flange plate must not be used to manufacture iron castings, the flange plate and the grinding wheel should be added between the soft pad, the role is to eliminate the small amount of non-parallel grinding wheel, add the contact surface of the grinding wheel; The diameter of the cushion is required to be 2~3mm greater than the diameter of the flange. This way, it is necessary to directly introspect whether or not there is a cushion and how it is pressed. The cushion can be cut with asbestos, rubber, leather and etc. The thickness is 1~2mm; the fixed grinding wheel is The nuts of the flange must be fastened.


There should be no distinct radial vibration and runout when the grinding wheel is in operation. If the running speed fluctuates after starting up, it still shows the scene. Care should be taken to find out the cause of the problem. When searching, you can use a screwdriver to hear the abnormal sound of the grinding wheel bearing. If there is any damage to the bearing, you can check whether the two wheels are oscillating or not. If there is any possibility of deformation of the motor shaft, the internal grinding wheel device is not balanced and is not fixed and reliable. Can form the vibration or jitter of the grinding wheel.