How To Open The Paint Can And How To Store It

- Mar 27, 2019-

How to open the paint can and how to store it

When we decorate, the product that must be used is paint. The open paint canister key is sealed when the lid is closed after use. The plastic pad inside the paint can lid is the key to ensuring air tightness. Be careful not to break when opening the cover. When the cover is closed, the plastic pad is particularly easy to fall into the paint can. Make sure that the plastic pad is closed after the mouth is closed.


Two cans of paint cans are stacked one on top of the other, the tube to be opened is placed underneath, and the paint can pull ring opening is disposed on the opposite side. Hold the bottom of the can on the bottom of the can, and open the paint can by opening the net from the side of your side. If the remaining varnish and blending paint are not used for a short period of time, the paint can be stored in a bottle. After the lid is closed, place the bottle upside down for a day or two, then place the bottle in the dark. According to this method for long-term storage, the paint will not appear hard skin and solidify.


After the oil is finished, if it is to be painted again within a day or two, the brush can be cleaned without using gasoline. Look for an empty paint can, put the brush directly into the bottle, and put it in the water, so that the water is completely submerged in the brush head. All in all, although the paint cans seem to be difficult to open, there are certain tricks. Only after mastering the trick can you open the paint can better. In addition, if the paint after opening is not used in a short time, also pay attention to the sealed