Development Of Chinese Steel Barrel Factory

- Jun 14, 2018-

Steel drums produced by steel drums are mostly cylindrical in shape. It is based on different items,. Because of its different items, its internal and external wall structure is different. Steel drums are mainly used for holding chemical products, petroleum products, animal and vegetable oils, etc. Drums are a traditional container, but they are still widely used today. Due to its extensive use, the steel drum plant has also entered the public eye.


The growing demand for steel drums has driven the development of the steel drum industry. Due to the fact that each steel drum plant uses its own relatively backward equipment, the precision of the products produced is poor, and the quality of steel drum products is not stable. With the reform and opening up, many manufacturers have begun to produce barreling equipment, through the introduction of equipment to digest absorption and inspection abroad and several improvements, equipment performance has been greatly improved, and can fully meet the steel barrel production requirements.


With the development of the country’s economic construction, the expansion of foreign trade has shown good prospects for the development of the industry, and the steel drum industry will play a greater role in economic development. The development of steel barrels has developed along with the development of the national economy. After 1950, it was a low-level stage. There was basically no development during this period. Since 1980, there has been a leap of development. Especially in the past decade, the development has been faster. The total annual output of steel barrels in China has increased five-fold.