1 Gallon Paint Cans Features And Uses

- Apr 08, 2019-

The 1 gallon paint can is generally cylindrical, with a bottom, a closed bottom, and an iron handle on the upper for easy carrying. The 1 gallon paint can is non-fragile, non-rusting, light and light, and has excellent oil and corrosion resistance. Can be used for hot filling, the general temperature should not exceed 60 °C. After hot filling, the lid and stacking should be closed after the contents have been sufficiently cooled and lowered to room temperature. Weather resistance is 50°C--40°C.


The 1 gallon paint can is durable, not afraid of water, not afraid of fire, not affected by the environment, not to be damaged or deformed. It is suitable for liquids and is also used for oil transportation. The main features are very durable, long service life, and can be loaded with any items, not affected by a variety of harsh environments, can be used for items or transport turnover.


The determination of the capacity of a 1 gallon paint can is determined primarily by the scope of use, shipping and sales requirements of the steel drum. If the size of the steel drum you need is not in the national standard, you can negotiate with the barrel manufacturer to customize the non-standard paint can. In addition to the standard paint tank selection conditions, its diameter and height dimensions should be consistent with the principle of economy, which not only reduces packaging costs, but also reduces transportation costs.