Why can't gasoline be used in 20l metal paint tin bucket with lid?

- Jun 08, 2019-

Gasoline is very common in people's days. When using 20l metal paint tin bucket with lid, don't put gasoline in it. We all know that gasoline is attributed to a Class A Class A flammable liquid with a flash point of less than 28 ° C and a lower limit of less than 10%.


In the process of filling, pouring or oscillating with 20 liters of metal paint barrels of gasoline, the gasoline and the barrel wall collide with each other, and the electronic potential of the touch potential difference occurs, causing positive and negative charges to appear and causing static electricity. Practice has proved that a 20-liter metal paint bucket is filled with gasoline. When pouring, gasoline may have a potential of 2×10 3 volts or more in the case of a large flow rate and a fast flow rate. When the accumulated charge reaches a certain voltage, it is possible to discharge a static spark, ignite gasoline or a mixture of gasoline and air, and burn it.


Therefore, for safety, do not use gasoline in a paint bucket. Gasoline is a flammable substance. When the gasoline is shipped in metal drums, the 20-liter metal paint bucket is charged due to the conflict between the gasoline and the barrel wall during transportation. Because the plastic is an insulating substance, the charge on the barrel is not easy to transfer, and the accumulation will be certain. Episodes of discharge, sparks ignite gasoline, forming an incident.