Why can milk powder tin cans contain milk powder and tin cans?

- Dec 08, 2018-

Milk powder tin cans are tin cans used to hold milk powder to facilitate the transportation, storage and use of milk powder. Moreover, it is often used in daily life and in common times, so it is necessary to have a correct understanding to achieve reasonable use, and at the same time, to avoid misuse of the product.


1. Tin can, why can it be used to store milk powder?

Tin can, as its name implies, is a tin made of tin. The tin metal has no odor and is not easily oxidized and easily available in the air. Therefore, a can made of this material can be used to hold milk powder. Moreover, it can have a good storage effect and avoid problems such as deterioration of the milk powder during use. This kind of tin can is called milk powder tin can.


2. Can the milk powder tin can be kept in one state?

Milk powder tin can, which is a kind of tin can. Because tin is soft and tough, and its ductility is good, the tin can lid and the can body have a high degree of adhesion. In addition, the tin element has strong anti-oxidation ability, low oxygen permeability and good conductivity, and has no metallic odor. Therefore, the can body can always be kept in a constant temperature and cold state.


3. What should I do with the tin can after the milk powder in the tin powder can?

After the milk powder in the milk powder tin can is cleaned, the tin can should be cleaned first, or rinsed and wiped clean for other use. If there is an odor in the tin can, the odor can be removed with tea or tea stems. Also, check if the tank is airtight. Since the metal of tin is relatively soft, it should be light when opening the cover and cannot be rotated to avoid scratches on the can.


4. Can the milk powder in the tin powder can be stored for a long time? Is there a product code on this tin can?

The milk powder in the tin powder tin can be stored in the tin can itself. If it is a good quality tin can, it can be stored for a long time, as long as the can sealing performance is good. On tin cans, there is generally a product code, and if it is a regular product, it can be queried, and the quality of the product will be well guaranteed.www.huatai-group.com