Whether paint cans can be reused and product price determinants

- Dec 11, 2018-

Paint cans, which are containers for storing and storing paints, are used in the same way as paint buckets, but are structurally different from paint buckets. Therefore, it is necessary to have a correct understanding and understanding of the paint cans so that it can be well Paint buckets are separated to avoid incorrect selection and use.


1. Is it possible to buy paint cans on the industry website?

Paint cans, the way to purchase this product, is the way to buy from the industry website, so it is possible to buy paint cans on the relevant industry website. However, you need to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer and the contact information of the manufacturer, so that you can conduct telephone consultation, which is conducive to making accurate judgments and having the correct selection results.


2. There are unused paint in the paint can. Are there any precautions when storing?

If there is paint and paint in the paint can, it should be protected from rain, moisture and swelling during transportation or storage, and should be protected from direct sunlight, whether it is unopened or paint cans with unused paint. In addition, the paint cans should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, away from fire and heat sources.


3. Can the paint can be reused?

Whether the paint can can be reused is mainly based on the actual situation. Generally speaking, after the paint in the paint can is used, the paint can can no longer be used for other purposes, and should be recycled by the manufacturer for recycling. If it is used to hold paint, it depends on whether the two paints will react, etc., and whether the tank can be sealed and stored. Therefore, whether the paint cans can be reused or not, there are certain conditions, not under any circumstances.


4. Which equipment can be used in the recycling of paint cans? What are the determinants of its product price?

In the recycling of paint cans, there are many devices that use metal crushers, because this kind of crusher can crush metal materials and recycle them through recycling to avoid material waste and environmental pollution. . The price of the paint cans is determined by the product specification capacity, the materials used and the manufacturer. The different specifications or different capacities, as well as the paint cans produced by different manufacturers, must be Different.www.huatai-group.com