Whether metal cans can be used to wrap tea and cans

- Mar 19, 2019-


Whether metal cans can be used to wrap tea and cans


If the can is made of a metal material, it can be called a metal can, and from the current point of view, it is widely used and has penetrated into our daily lives, so it is necessary to Have a correct understanding so that it can be used reasonably and fully utilized.


1. When the oil tank is purchased, is there any requirement for the relevant factors?

In the case of oil tanks, if you want to purchase products, you need to pay attention to them and take them seriously. After considering all the relevant factors, you can make accurate judgments and correct choices to ensure that the right products are selected. Therefore, based on this, the answer to this question is to have specific requirements, to be serious and consider comprehensive, in order to avoid wrong choices.


2. Can metal cans be used to package tea?

A metal can, which can be used to package tea leaves, and which is a packaging container that is often used in tea. In terms of material, it can be a pure tin can or a tin can, as long as it is stored according to the storage conditions of the tea, it can be Tea has a good preservation effect and avoids problems such as deterioration. Moreover, the use of tin cans or tinplate can also avoid problems such as rust and corrosion during the use of these two metal cans.


3. Is the can lid and can body of the metal can separate?

Generally speaking, the can lid and the can body of the metal can are separated, and the can lid and the can body are assembled after being separately prepared. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the material and manufacturing method of the metal can, no matter what metal material, and whether it is a two-piece can or a three-piece can, the can lid and the can body are separated.


4. What are the precautions for using metal cans for food?

Metal cans are used to hold food. The cans can be called food cans, and there are some precautions. The details are as follows: First, tinplate should be used on the material of the can, but pure iron cans cannot be used because of the metal of iron. It is easy to react with oxygen in the air and rust and corrode in a humid environment, so that some bacteria in the air enter the tank to spoil the food, and tinplate, which is a tin plated iron plate, can avoid this problem very well. And the tin metal is non-toxic and odorless, and does not affect the quality and taste of the food in the can.www.huatai-group.com