What should we pay attention to when choosing colors

- Jun 08, 2020-

Plastic buckets do not only have one color, but also have blue, gray, dark coffee and other colors. Of course, they can also tell us what color you want. Our plastic bucket manufacturers will have professional personnel to specially match the plastic buckets you need with the colors you want. So, do you know how to color the plastic bucket? Plastic buckets are used in different fields, so the quality and color of plastic buckets cannot be mistaken.

The plastic buckets produced by plastic bucket manufacturers are common packaging products. Because of their light weight, good corrosion resistance and easy to move, they play an important role in many industries.

Mica titanium pearlescent pigment is generally used when coloring the plastic bucket. It has good stability and will not change color or separate out from resin during processing. It is suitable for all thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. Because mica titanium pearlescent pigment belongs to translucent wafer, it needs to rely on the reflection of external light. Therefore, when selecting raw materials for coloring plastics, it should also try to select transparent one Good material.

It should also be noted that when coloring the plastic bucket, the mica titanium pearlescent pigment can not be matched with opaque pigments with high hiding power, but can only be used for transparent pigments, such as phthalein blue, green, etc.