What kind of plastic bucket is used qualified?

- Aug 16, 2018-

Plastic barrels do not dissolve harmful substances, pc polycarbonate, pp polypropylene, abs is a block copolymer of pan-pib-ps, the material itself is non-toxic, and its melting point is above 200 degrees, water Cooking will not decompose, but many additives will be added during the molding process, such as reinforcement, toughening, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, plasticizer, which are not toxic by themselves. The food-grade plastic barrel additive content requirements are strictly limited. It is also relatively volatile when released.

The number at the bottom of the food plastic bucket represents the material used:

Number 3: Meaning: This number represents PVC. This material is hard and often used in the manufacture of food boxes, water pipes and building materials, and is widely used in everyday life.

Directions for use: Food boxes made from this material are only suitable for storing dry, low-moisture foods such as rice and pasta. PVC is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is necessary to transfer the food to a suitable container before heating the food.

Number 6: Meaning: This is a sign of polystyrene. This material is sometimes foamy and is used primarily for making disposable lunch boxes, cups and cutlery.

Directions for use: Polystyrene has a lower melting point in all types of food packaging materials. Although it can be used to hold warm foods, do not use a food box that uses this material to heat directly.

Numeral 7: Meaning: This number represents a material other than PVC and polystyrene or a composite material of various plastic materials. If the raw material of the food box is polycarbonate (including BPA), this number will appear on the product.

Directions for use: These food plastic barrels are available in a variety of materials, and their heat resistance and preservation methods are also different. Please read the product instructions carefully before use, and strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions.