What equipment will I use to make tin cans?

- Sep 13, 2019-

First of all, we have to be clear that the packaging is printed first, then the iron is cut, and then the last step is molding.

According to the production process of tin cans, we first use the printing machine. Secondly, we use the iron cutting machine. The iron cutting machine will accurately cut the printed iron material according to the cutting edge line. Prepare for a process.

Next, the punching machine is used. According to the complexity of the iron can, the punching machine includes a series of machines such as a coil, a button bone, a bottom, a bottom, and a convex. The punching is the most critical process in the whole can making process. The requirements of the machine are very strict. A good punch can make a higher quality iron box and reduce the scrap rate of the iron box.

In the production process of iron boxes, the most basic equipment is the above