What are the unique advantages of a 10-liter metal barrel?

- Mar 31, 2018-

What are the unique advantages of a 10-liter metal barrel?

10 liter metal Barrel because of its material characteristics, than the general packaging barrel compression ability better, easy to transport, not easy to damage. 

At the same time, 10-liter metal barrel style diverse, beautifully printed, long service life so well received by the broad masses of customers love. Under normal circumstances, 10 liters of metal drums used in the main materials include: hot-rolled thin steel plate, cold-rolled thin steel plate, cold-rolled galvanized thin steel plate and aluminum plate.

And the specifications are more abundant, including a small open bucket, in the open bucket, bucket, special-shaped top barrel, full open cone steel barrel, full open bucket, straight open bucket and open necking steel drums.

At present, 10 liters of metal barrels have been widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgical minerals, pharmaceuticals, food, dyes and other packaging, applicable to a variety of dangerous goods and non dangerous goods packaging.

The 10-liter metal barrel is widely used because it has the following unique advantages: 

1. Good mechanical properties.

10 liter metal barrel relative to other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers, such as the strength of large, and good rigidity, not easy to rupture. 

2. Excellent barrier resistance. 10 liters of metal drums used in the metal plate than any other materials are excellent barrier, gas resistance, moisture-proof, shading, incense-good, coupled with reliable, reliable protection of products. 

3, easy to automate production. 10 liters of metal barrels have a long history of production, the process is ripe with a complete set of production equipment, high production efficiency, to meet the packaging needs of a variety of products. 

4, the shape is diverse. 10 liter metal barrel can be made according to different requirements of different specifications to open the design, not only to meet the packaging needs of different products, but also to the 10-liter metal barrel application scope more extensive.

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