What are the factors that affect the tightness of plastic bucket

- Apr 14, 2020-

1. The plastic material is not safe. In general, some manufacturers adulterate waste materials to reduce the cost of products, which leads to the decline of the quality of materials, thus affecting the tightness of plastic buckets;

2. The material formula is not professional. There are many kinds of materials for the production of chemical plastic buckets, including polyethylene and polypropylene, because the plastics and additives used for the production of chemical plastic buckets are different, Different materials have different functions, some of which are hard and some of which are soft. In order to improve the tightness of plastic bucket, we must fully understand the function of materials and give full play to its advantages. The material share and formula are very important, which are important factors affecting the tightness of plastic bucket;

3. The mold is not fine. If the mold is not fine, it will affect the fitting degree between the cover and the barrel body of the plastic bucket manufacturer, and the fineness of the mold is also an important factor affecting the tightness of the chemical plastic bucket;

4. The equipment is not well debugged. Generally, the equipment must be debugged before production. If the debugging is not good, it will also affect the sealing of chemical plastic bucket.

Plastic bucket cleaning needs to choose the cleaning agent of habit, usually like the use of plastic bucket used by our family when cleaning, the general use of alkaline water or bicarbonate water. Sometimes in order to completely eliminate the remaining stubborn stains to achieve the purpose of cleaning, people will use 84 disinfected water for cleaning. But be careful. Some plastic buckets can't stand strong corrosion. And pay attention to the water temperature. Sometimes in order to speed up the rapid dissolution of detergent and improve the cleanliness power, the method of improving the water temperature will be adopted when cleaning the plastic bucket. If you use boiling water to scald directly, it will form blister and deformation of plastic products, and some cleaning agents are not suitable for high-temperature rapid fermentation, high temperature will kill some substances inside, and the cleaning effect will not be as good as you think. In addition, pay attention to the complete cleaning of plastic buckets of edible grade.