Understanding of tinplate coffee cans and why tinplate covers are used

- Mar 20, 2019-

Understanding of tinplate coffee cans and why tinplate covers are used


Tinplate tin, from its name, can know that the material of this kind of jar is tinplate, so this specific name will be available. And from the current point of view, this kind of can is widely used, it can be seen in many industries and fields, so it is necessary to have a correct understanding and comprehensive understanding, so that it can be used reasonably in the right place.


1. When the tinplate can be purchased, should its application be considered?

There are many related factors in the purchase of tinplate tin cans, and some of them are factors that must be considered. They are the origin of the product, the size of the product, the material used, the quality and price of the product, and the manufacturer of the product. And the requirements for use are based on actual conditions to decide whether to consider. The scope of use of this product is generally not considered unless there are special circumstances.


2. Is the tinplate coffee pot a tinplate can?

Tinplate coffee cans, as the name suggests, are tinplate cans, but this type of tin can is used for coffee packaging, so it is called tinplate coffee cans. The material is the same as ordinary tinplate cans. A material. For specific purposes, it is for the packaging of coffee beans or coffee powder, and a few are for the packaging of coffee drinks. Its advantages are that it is not easy to break, convenient to transport and various styles, and the can has a good sealing performance.


3. Which tin cans can be used as tin cans?

Tinplate cans can be said to be widely used, and their different uses can correspond to different names, so let's briefly explain them below.


Grease cans: used to package fatty foods, because it has good opacity and airtightness, can effectively block the entry of air, and is a suitable container for packaging fat foods.

Chemical Tank: Used for chemical packaging, because the tinplate can be durable and durable, has good protection properties, is not easily deformed, and is shock and fire resistant.

Spray can: It is a high temperature resistant and high pressure resistant tinplate canister for easy high pressure filling.

Dry miscellaneous cans: such as biscuit cans, milk powder cans, etc., because tinplate cans vary in shape, and the surface can be beautifully printed.


4. Advantages of using the tinplate cover in tinplate cans

The tinplate cover in the tin can is compared with the cover of other materials. It has some advantages and advantages. It is high strength, high rigidity and not easy to break, and can be made into the shape and style that the user wants. In addition, it can prevent deterioration and high temperature sterilization from leaking.www.huatai-group.com