Tinplate printing process and requirements (3)

- Sep 20, 2018-

3. Plate making

The plate making of the printed iron is the same as other plate making methods, and there are special requirements for the characteristics of tinplate printing:

(1). In the iron printing, due to the non-absorbability of the substrate tinplate and the certain hardness of the iron sheet, the deformation of the dot is more obvious than that of the paper during printing, especially in the dark tone and the middle adjustment area, due to the deformation of the dot, the middle jump level change The deep and dark adjustments are drastically changed and upgraded. The use of square dots is more obvious, while the diamond dot or round dot, the mutation of the middle tone is alleviated. Therefore, the printed iron dots select circular dots or diamond dots, which are printed iron dots. Reproduction is advantageous.

(2). Since the tinplate is printed well, it must be processed and formed. Therefore, the processing part such as the weld bead should be left in the imposition to ensure that the text pattern does not deviate from the center after processing.

3. All welded products, such as the spray seam of the spray can, must not have graphics, different color points, etc., to ensure the needs of subsequent welding.