Tinplate packaging design focuses on color

- Oct 10, 2018-

Tinplate packaging design focuses on color

The use of color plays an important role in the design of tinplate packaging. Color is one of the core factors that determine the appearance of tin can packaging. In addition, in the highly competitive commodity market, it is inseparable from the design and application of color to make the product have visual characteristics that are clearly different from other products.

Too sudden to say, in fact, many designers are "color blind." Why do you say that? Because there are not many designers who really know how to use color. Many packaging designers just blindly design, find the color they feel good, and do the so-called art that suits their taste.

An article written by Japanese color science experts, "Color Design Basics", based on the results of in-depth study of color, for iron box packaging, puts a few requirements on the use of color in good packaging design:

1. Whether the color in the iron box packaging design can be clearly identified in the competitive goods, can it be different from the similar brands in one color.

2. Whether it is a good symbol of the content of the product, let a certain color become the representative color of the brand.

3. Whether color is in harmony with other design factors, effectively represents the quality and weight of the product.

4. Whether it is accepted by the class of merchandise purchase.

5. Whether it has a high degree of clarity, and can play a good role in the text.

6. The effect of a single iron box package and the stacking effect of multiple iron box packages.

7. Colors are in different markets, and different display environments are full of vitality.

8. Whether the color of the product is not restricted by color management and printing, the effect is that people are emotional, but sometimes it can be understood as visual color. This color will be reflected in many aspects, such as tin can packaging design. The different colors, consumers see their inner needs and preferences, this is the recognition of a certain color, is the charm of color.