tin can rust protection preparation and crisis management

- May 24, 2019-

tin can rust protection preparation and crisis management

Preparation for protection:

The tin can is made of tinplate. We all know that is easy to rust. Rusting is a chemical reaction. When iron products are exposed to the air for a long time, they will react with oxygen to form rust. In order to prevent the iron box from rusting, we will galvanize and spray paint on the iron material to prevent oxidation and corrosion. This can protect the tin box from acid and alkali corrosion and protect the inside of the iron box from contamination. When the tin can scratches the surface or the paint is scraped off, the place where it is scraped is prone to rust. We can do this.

First of all, we need to know that the wet environment is the easiest to rust the tin can. When we place it, we should look for a cool and dry place. Iron is chemically unstable and easily reacts with oxygen in the air or in water. When using the box, try not to put some sharp things inside, and don't damage the paint on the surface of the iron box. Do not use excessive force when moving the iron box, so as not to fall off the paint on the surface of the iron box. Finally, a layer of rust or metal curing agent can be applied to the surface of the iron box to effectively avoid direct contact between the iron and the air.

Crisis management:

If the tin can has rusted, you can not scrape off the heavy rust, then use the rust remover, wipe it back and forth with a cloth, rust-proof after rust removal, apply a layer of varnish or similar paint film.

There are netizens whose messages have been rusted, which can be handled in the following three ways (without experimentation, a small amount can be tried first):

1. Soak the rusted parts of the tea cans with tea leaves. The reason is very simple - the chemical constituents of tea contain organic acids such as theanine, which can react with rust to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

2 Use vinegar to soak for a while. The rusted position of the tea cans is smeared with oil. It will be fine after one day.

3, soaked in rice water for 50 minutes and then wiped with a dry cloth to remove rust.