Tin can, food tin packaging why so people love it?

- May 27, 2019-

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, customers choose food packaging in line with the needs of social development in the era, eliminating backward food packaging is a must. The improvement of plastic materials has been carried out for many years, but little progress has been made. As an environment-friendly material, food tin packaging is favored by people naturally.

The reason for the popularity of food tin is not only the environmental protection of its material, but also the diversity of its planning. In addition to the actual function of packaging, it can satisfy customers' needs at more levels:

1. Tin can packaging planning shows emotional experience

Interactive personalized marketing has gradually become the mainstream mode of marketing. Personalized consumption puts forward higher requirements for food packaging planning. In today's highly homogeneous products, the uniqueness and heterogeneity of product packaging will affect customers' choice to a greater extent. The packaging of health food that customers attach importance to is not pictures or fancy, but whether the packaging can convey people's feelings, arouse people's resonance, whether it has affinity, whether it shows the taste and lifestyle of the target group in the planning. Those pleasing to the eye and have a higher grade of packaging, natural favored. From this point of view, tin can packaging is more able to break through the traditional packaging barriers, in the planning of the unique, bear more people's mind appeal, rather than just the sensory visual needs.

2, both to publicize the function

Canned food packaging information has the advantages of pertinence, durability, expressiveness and high reliability, which is determined by its material itself. But the packaging itself also has many shortcomings, such as poor flexibility, less information, such as slow to convey speed. So in the process of food packaging planning to conclude consideration, wonderful choice. In order to meet the needs of specific groups of people on packaging, we must consider these characteristics which are different from other media. In this way, we can explore the publicity effect of packaging as media to a greater extent.

3. Global recognition ability

With the acceleration of international trade and globalization, food packaging planning is required to reach the international level as far as possible and possess the ability of global recognition. However, packaging planning cannot be globalized for the sake of globalization. Any packaging planning has its inseparable national traditional cultural background. "What want a nation only is the world", packaging should have local colour to just be able to be out of the ordinary only, be full of visual wallop on counter, goods shelf. Theories and practices have different opinions on how to express national style in packaging. However, as long as we understand that the fundamental intention is to better communicate with more customers, we will not lose direction in the packaging planning process.

4. Marked characteristics

Today, with the gradual marketization of health food, many forms of food packaging are outdated and have become an obstacle to communication with customers. Should learn more - some new styles, for example, such as wangzai milk packaging, with a significant signature. This kind of packaging delivers to the customer the "real price" intrinsic, this kind of brand intrinsic also drove the similar brand product sales. Canned food packaging does not have to follow these practices, but it is necessary to introduce this concept.

In fact, through the packaging planning to express the corporate image, not only is conducive to the transmission of corporate image, but also reduce the cost of the enterprise in advertising. More importantly, it strengthens customers' recognition of the society and its brand, thus realizing deep communication. Food tin innate advantages, coupled with heaven's careful planning and manufacturing, will be more and more popular with customers.