Tin can factory: Four colors printing is printed in four colors?

- Oct 08, 2018-

Tin can factory: Four colors printing is printed in four colors?

Go into the tin can packaging processing factory and watch the printing of small science. Is four-color printing printed in four colors? The answer is definitely not!

I often listen to customers saying: We don't want four-color printing. We only need two-color printing or one-color printing. The customer thinks that there are several colors on the tin cans. The tin can design can be printed no matter how many colors, but the four colors mentioned here are a printing process, referred to as “four-color printing”, but it is indeed a combination of four colors. Four-color printing is printing with four colors of CMYK, C is cyan, M is magenta, Y is yellow, K is black, cyan, magenta, yellow is our usual The three primary colors, black is a complementary color, that is, a printing process that uses yellow, magenta, cyan primary color inks and black ink to copy various colors of a color original.


Some customers who are interested in Dafa asked if my tin can only has one color: red, but also use four colors to print it, so the color is not pure? You can't just use a red ink and the color is pure. Another printing process will be mentioned here: spot color printing. Listen to the name to know that this printing is more specific. Spot color printing is specifically to print the color with a specific ink.

The difference between the two:

First, the color is full and pure;

Second, the printing color difference control, the current four-color printing, because it is a 4-color synthesis, the ink ratio is not well controlled, the color difference of different batch printing is different, and the spot color printing does not need to be adjusted, the relative color difference is easier. control;

Third: the price problem, the spot color printing price is slightly higher, if all the colors on a tin can are the spot color price is high, but the overall appearance of the effect is not the same.


The above is the explanation of the “four-color printing is printing four colors?” in the tin can processing factory. This will greatly help you to customize the tin can. If you still don’t understand which process to choose, you can do it well. The design draft is sent to our sales manager. Based on our many years of experience, we will give you some advice on which part is suitable for spot color or four-color printing.