Tin can

- Sep 12, 2019-

The tinplate cans is a three-piece tinplate tinplate. It is a common healthy food packaging container, but don't assume that all tinplate cans are the same. Depending on the paint used inside the can, the quality is different.

Tinplate will separate some metal ions to endanger human health, and it will also affect the flavor of the food. Therefore, the inside of the tin can is sprayed with a coating to prevent the precipitation of metal ions and its influence on the flavor of the food. In life, there are many food items that are sprayed with such coatings, such as wooden tableware, most kitchen utensils, and the like.

The coating used in tinplate is very important

The same is true for tinplate cans, but the coatings are not the same, and the final impact on human health can be great. Good quality coatings will precipitate some organic matter in trace amounts. Poor quality coatings will migrate a large amount of toxic substances such as formaldehyde, free phenol, bisphenol A and even melamine. If it is some unscrupulous company, using non-food grade coatings to make containers, the toxic substances that are released into the food are even more terrifying.