The three-piece cans in tinplate cans are commonly used in specifications and edible oil packaging

- Feb 18, 2019-

A jar made of tinplate is called a tinplate can, and it has penetrated into our daily lives. It can be said that it is everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar and understandable, and this can be used correctly in appropriate situations. Furthermore, it is possible to make full use of tinplate cans.


1. When purchasing a tin can, does the manufacturer choose to pay attention to it?

When purchasing tinplate cans, the choice of the manufacturer is an important task from a professional point of view, because it involves an important aspect of the product, so it needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously, and in terms of specific requirements, it is necessary to choose Professional and regular manufacturers, and this is one of the necessary guarantee conditions for the correct purchase of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of its manufacturers, and its requirements must be strictly enforced.


2. What are the sizes of the three-piece cans in the tinplate cans?

In the tinplate cans, there are three types of cans, and there are some common and commonly used sizes, such as 15120, 15173 and 15240. The representation of different sizes and sizes corresponds to different capacities, diameters and heights, so everyone should have a clear understanding and correct understanding to avoid misunderstanding and problems during use.


3. What are the tinplates used in tinplate cans?

The tinplate used in tinplate cans is a thin steel plate in the steel industry. It has certain processing difficulty and will be tinned on the surface of the steel plate. It is necessary to evenly plate tin. It is necessary to have a certain level of technology to achieve Avoid various problems during tin plating. After that, it is necessary to perform operations such as cutting and packaging, and some machines and equipment are used to complete these processing operations and obtain finished products.


4. Can I use tinplate cans on the packaging of edible oil?

In the packaging of edible oil, tinplate cans can be used, and the use of tinplate can bring some benefits. One is to avoid the dissolution of the packaging materials in the grease, and the other is to avoid light and avoid the oxidation of the edible oil to shorten its shelf life. In addition, edible oils are packaged and stored using tinplate cans and can be stored for extended periods of time and can be stored for several years under normal