The material used for making plastic bucket has stable plasticity

- Apr 07, 2020-

The plastic bucket has many advantages, such as good stacking function and saving storage space: excellent anti falling function, tight cooperation between the end and the can body, safe and reliable transportation; convenient unloading, simple cleaning, repeated use, cost saving; open, simple and sensitive closure; When filling with 200 liter plastic bucket, it must be noted that the operation should be stable to prevent the liquid splashing out of the package, which will hurt the staff.

Pay attention to the cover of the device. Check whether the sealing ring is stable and whether it has fallen. Remember that the device of the sealing ring must be in place to prevent the liquid from spilling. When transferring the 200 liter plastic bucket to the vehicle, pay attention not to place the plastic bucket sideways or crosswise, but to place the 200 liter plastic bucket normally. In the transportation, try to prevent 200 liter plastic bucket from colliding with other hard sharp objects and falling.

The moldability of the material used to make the plastic bucket refers to the ability of the plastic to deform under the effect of temperature and pressure and mold into plastic products. Plastic products with moldability can be made into various shapes and uses by injection, molding and extrusion. The moldability mainly depends on the fluidity, thermal function and physical mechanical function of plastics. The moldability of thermosetting plastics is also related to the chemical reaction function of the resin. The ability of plastics to fill the cavity at a certain temperature and pressure is called fluidity. This is an important process parameter for plastic mold design.