The difference between open head tin pail and closed tin drums

- Oct 17, 2018-

       HT Group has been established for many years, mainly producing and selling metal paint pail and plastic bucket of various specifications, ranging from 75ml to 50L. metal    tin pails are a common packaging vessel and have a wide application space in the market. Users can customize and purchase tin pail of different specifications according to their needs. In addition to the classification of tin pail, it can also be divided into open tin pail and closed metal drums.

      Closed metal drums are mainly used for liquids, and their main uses are packaging chemicals, petrochemicals, and coatings. Top  cap type: plastic cover, metal cap, pressure cap, screw cap. Plastic handles and metal handles are available for the handle.


       Open metal pail are mainly used for coatings, high viscosity liquids, powders, solids. The lid can be completely opened, easy to use and operate. The lug lid and the lock ring lid have high strength and good sealing performance, and the lock ring type is convenient to operate and can be recycled.