The development of metal round fish cans technology.

- Apr 02, 2018-

The development of metal round fish cans technology.

1 In the process of using metal round fish cans, the key processes and techniques involved are mainly fish tank manufacturing and fish tank filling.

For the moment, the manufacture of metal round fish cans usually involves the production process technology: resistance welding technology, tank body necking, flanging, roll sealing process, roll bar technology, shallow pull, deep pull, thinning stretching tank body manufacturing technology, coating and coating process, external coating and printing technology, laminating Iron application technology and can cover manufacturing technology. The metal round fish tank filling technology is mainly refers to the gas-regulating packaging technology and rapid sealing technology.

From the application and development of the situation, many of these key technologies have developed rapidly, in the raw materials, packaging structure, manufacturing equipment, food safety control and other aspects have obvious innovative results. It is precisely because of the continuous development of these technologies that the metal round fish cans packaging has been more fully promoted and used, but also fully demonstrated the unique style of packaging and unlimited charm.

At the same time, combined with the development of the market, the future production technology on this product will be toward the production of automation, intelligent direction.

With the advance of this technology, the future will be able to further enhance the metal round fish cans manufacturing and filling enterprise production level and capacity, the development of networked, intelligent, flexible fish tank manufacturing and filling equipment, the wide application of high-performance manipulator, robot and advanced testing equipment, effectively improve the production line speed becomes an inevitable trend. In addition, the future of metal round fish tank Packaging safety Assessment, detection and control system will be more perfect. Compared with other food packaging materials and containers, metal round fish cans have a prominent advantage in environmental protection and safety.

In addition to the production of sanitary and safety control, its security also benefits from the tank sealing and material chemical stability and corrosion resistance.