Temperature problem and safety performance of 2L F-style screw top paint cans

- May 09, 2019-

The 2L F-style screw top paint cans needs to be seen for safety when it is used. The safety mentioned here mainly means that the product should be a safe and non-toxic paint can. If the plastic bucket is used to hold drinking water, the toxic substances are released. Will endanger your health.


2 litre F-shaped paint cans look at their color. Requires bright colors and no color difference. It is best to choose a transparent color, followed by a single bright color. Do not choose black, because black is easy to add secondary materials, recycled materials, but it is difficult to distinguish.


Temperature problem of 2 liter F-type paint cans


1. Paint can products are made of polyvinyl chloride. At higher temperatures, such as about 50 degrees, hydrogen chloride gas will be slowly decomposed. This gas is harmful to the human body, so plastics made of polyvinyl chloride cannot be used. The barrels contain food and drinking water. In addition, no matter which material is made of plastic barrel products, it can not be used at too high or too low temperature to prevent deformation and other problems.


2. Component problem. Plastic barrel products have a certain amount of capacity to withstand, if the deposit is too heavy, it will be brittle and deformed.


3. Retract the problem. The plastic barrel product itself can be recovered, which can save some costs. However, it should be noted that the recovered plastic barrel products are for industrial use only and are not allowed to be used for food packaging.