Steel Barrel Volume Confirmation

- Jan 29, 2018-

1, such as the user filling liquid, according to the proportion of the product (density) calculation, but must be sufficient due to product expansion of the need to produce a crack of 10% of the space to prevent steel drums in the handling of deformation and cracking when falling.

2, if the user dressed solid, can require steel barrel manufacturers to provide the same volume of steel barrel test, and then converted to the need to load the weight of the volume of steel barrels. But also must sufficient 5%~10% space, uses in the lining plastic inside the bag the bandage, prevents the steel barrel in the conveyance because of the drop deformation and splits, the flying cover and so on phenomenon.

3, if the user filling low boiling point products (generally under 60 ℃), you should fully consider such products at a certain temperature under the steam pressure, the liquid vapor pressure increases with the temperature increase. Also take into account the product filling temperature and after filling steel barrel may encounter storage and transportation of the highest temperature, generally take into account the 55 ℃, some areas to take into account the temperature difference between 60 ℃, causing product expansion, resulting in the steel barrel internal pressure, the two pressure and can not be greater than the allowable pressure inside the steel barrel. Otherwise, the steel barrel will produce burst and serious deformation. Steel drums allowed to withstand pressure, see Export Commodity Inspection certificate, or to the barrel manufacturers for consultation.

4, such as the user filling product temperature is higher (60 ℃ above), it is necessary to consider the lowest temperature of storage and transportation, temperature caused the steel barrel negative pressure, may make the steel barrel suction flat, or a touch of steel barrels on the concave flat. As far as possible before the product cooling to the normal temperature and then filling, such as the product can not be cooled and need to be filled, the filling of the steel barrel can not immediately tighten the size of the lid, such as the goods in the barrel temperature down to room temperature, and then tighten the lid of the barrel.