Shipping instructions for plastic drums

- Nov 25, 2019-

1. Dangerous goods that can be shipped in plastic drums are: Dangerous goods Category 1: d≤1.2: acetic acid (acetic acid, glacial acetic acid) acetic anhydride aniline cresol phenolic hydrochloric acid (36%) crude oil diesel kerosene (light kerosene) petroleum solvent hydrogen Fluoric acid (≤60%)

Class II: d>1.2: Formic acid Silicic acid Hydrogen bromide solution Hydrogen iodide solution Chromic acid (30%) Perchloric acid (≤50%) Potassium hydroxide solution Sodium hydroxide solution Nitric acid (≤55%) Sulfuric acid Waste sulfuric acid

Three types: d≤1.2: propionic acid Acrylic acid Methacrylic acid Ammonia aqueous solution Formaldehyde (≤35%) decyl alcohol Ethylene glycol Monoethyl ether Hypochlorite solution (≤16%) Alkyl phenols (including C2-C8 homologs)

Four categories: d>1.2: ferric chloride phosphates (limited to two or three) such as: methanol, ethanol (alcohol), propanol, butanol esters (limited to two, three) such as: Butyl ketones (limited to second and third) ethers (limited to second and third) aliphatic hydrocarbons are restricted to two or three types)

Non-dangerous goods dimethyl acetyl succinate ethoxyethyl phosphate tricresyl phosphate polyacrylamide polyamide polyvinyl alcohol polyethylene glycol diol ethylene glycol (glycol) diethylene glycol triglyceride Alcohol methyl glycol butyl glycol propylene glycol glycerol glutaraldehyde higher aldehyde fatty acid polysiloxane ammonium sulfite solution ammonium thiosulfate solution sodium hydrogen sulfite solution adhesive antifreeze bleach disinfectant dispersant stabilizer Plasticizer (DBP DOP) Emulsifier Demulsifier Suspension Extinguishing Agent Suppressant Acid Insulting Wetting Agent Industrial Cleaning Agent Leather Auxiliary Papermaking Auxiliary Textile Auxiliary Dyeing Auxiliary Harvesting Protectant Fiber Protectant Fluorescent Brightener Concrete Additive Building Additive Casein Additives Paste Adhesive Juice Concentrate Fruit Juice Betaine Spindle Oil Lactic Acid Hydrazine Tanning Agent Latex Dispersion Medium Liquid Dye Water-Based Emulsion Paraffin Emulsion Brake Fluid Oil Liquid Fertilizer Cosmetic Raw Material Triacontanol Emulsion Sodium silicate (foaming alkali, water glass) calcium dodecyl benzene sulfonate

2. Items that cannot be shipped in plastic drums are: Dangerous goods such as fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid above 55% and fuming nitric acid are required. Benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, gasoline, condensate, liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, ethylene oxide, and the like.