Shape advantages of 20 litre plastic bucket

- May 26, 2020-

1. The heat clip humanizes the anti-skid leather handle planning, conforms to the principle of human five fingers engineering, and is suitable for different people to load and unload, without sliding or holding hands;

2. Convex and concave positioning point planning, easy to stack, neat and beautiful, stable and safe;

3. Anti theft cover planning, good anti-counterfeiting function, protect the interests of manufacturers from invasion; a variety of raw materials "O" ring for sealing, satisfied with different filling requirements;

4. Plan to prevent the accumulation of residual liquid ≤ 3-5g, avoid excessive liquid residue, and reduce the number of times of repeated dumping;

5. The multi-point billet wall thickness control makes the barrel wall thickness uniform according to the requirements; the anti drop and anti crack optimization and obtuse angle bucket bottom buckle planning make it convenient to receive materials without slipping;

6. All of them are produced by high-purity technology, and the three-level fine purification, filtration and air blowing system is used for finalization, so as to make the barrel dust-free and oil-free, which conforms to the food hygiene specifications and high-precision requirements of filling specifications.