Round metal paint can tin cans made of materials and labels

- May 04, 2019-

The barrel shape of the round metal paint can tin can is used for liquid, solid, generally cylindrical, with bottom, the bottom is closed with iron, and the upper mouth has iron handle for easy carrying. The iron drum is reasonable in design, fresh in appearance, strong in impact resistance and good in corrosion resistance. When moving, manual lateral scrolling and lateral rotation can also be used.


The materials for the round metal paint cans are mostly constructed of cold-rolled iron sheets. Due to the good performance of the cold-rolled iron sheets, cold-rolled steel strips and steel sheets with thinner thickness and higher precision can be obtained. The utility model has the advantages of high straightness, high surface smoothness, clean and bright surface of the cold-rolled plate, easy coating processing, wide variety and wide application, and high punching performance and low yield point.


These metal round metal paint cans have labels for PP synthetic paper and labels for PET synthetic paper. If the round metal paint can is oily, a strong adhesive oil resistant label is required. The color GHS qualified label has its own standard, and the size and color of the specification are fixed. Any round metal paint can manufacturer can not be modified at will. In addition to requiring waterproofing, it must also prevent aging, acid and alkali corrosion, soaking in sea water environment. It can be displayed normally for a long time.