Rectangular/square liquid tinplate packaging (F-style can) for engine oil

- Oct 12, 2018-

Rectangular/square liquid tinplate packaging (F-style can) for engine oil


We have a wide range of rectangular liquid containers. Various measures are usually available per capacity. The aperture can vary in diameter. The combination of aperture and the type of cap partially determine the UN certification. Rectangular liquid tinplate packaging is available from 125 ml to 20 litres. The liquid containers from 2.5 litres are fitted with a wire handle (plastic or metal) in order to make pouring and carrying easier.

The rectangular shape also allows for an optimal load per pallet. This is a particular advantage for export.

Rectangular liquid tinplate packaging is already available in a UN certified version from 500 ml to 5 liter sizes. Especially in the sizes 1 litre to 10 litre rectangular liquid tin containers are used far more frequently than round containers.

Screw top and closures

REL closureA                                    DIN closureB

There are in fact 2 types of closings: by plastic cap and by metal cap. Plastic caps are available in many varieties and several colours. The caps can be fully made out of plastic, or can be manufactured in combination with an aluminium seal. The aperture can be B or A. In the A the difference is that the hole is bent outwards, which creates an 'upright collar'. This type of screw top was developed to make it easier to empty the container (the screw top protrudes after all). Currently B is the most common filling aperture.

行业知识-6.jpgPlastic caps

Plastic caps can be either extractable (bellow seals) or a screw top type. Bellow seals disappear inside the container and are pulled out and fitted with a pouring tout. These tops improve the stackability of the liquid containers. Screw tops are often combined with a Child Safety Certificate and are frequently used in consumer markets.

All types of plastic lids are suitable to reclose the container after opening and can easily be applied by hand. At high filling speeds and high numbers of units, the plastic caps are sometimes applied by machine. There is a special cap pusher for medium large charges.

Metal screw tops

行业知识-8.jpgMetal screw tops

Metal screw tops are particularly commonly used in the case of aggressive filling products which are not suitable for use with plastic (closings). The metal screw top is also often used in laboratory settings. The caps are easy to process by hand and are easy to reclose.


Rectangular tinplate packaging is used most commonly to package Car Refinish products, solvents, engine oil, motor oil, wood protection products, solubles and liquid chemical products. When a product has to be coloured, this type of tinplate packaging is less suitable than the tinplate packaging with a removable lid because of the small aperture.