Processing method of 1L white PP plastic bucket

- May 16, 2019-

The 1L white PP plastic bucket is typically used in the manufacture of smaller containers (less than 16 oz) for packaging pharmaceuticals, shampoos and cosmetics when used. One advantage of this process is the automatic cornering of the bottles, without the need for post-finishing steps like normal blow molding.


The injection molding grade of a 1 liter white PP plastic drum generally has a melt index of 5 to 10, and has a higher fluidity grade with a toughness and lower fluidity grade and workability. Uses include daily necessities and food thin wall packaging; tough, durable food and paint cans.


The material of the 1 liter white PP plastic bucket which is processed by rotomoulding is generally pulverized into a powder, which is melted and flows in the thermal cycle. Rotational molding uses two types of PE generic and crosslinkable classes. General-purpose MDPE/HDPEs typically have densities ranging from 0.935 to 0.945 g/cc and have a narrow MWD for high impact and minimal warpage, with melt indices typically ranging from 3-8. Higher MI grades are generally not applicable because they do not have the desired impact and environmental stress crack resistance of the rotomoulded article.


High performance rotational molding applications utilize the unique properties of their chemically crosslinkable grades. These grades are fluid in the first stage of the molding cycle and then cross-linked to form their excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and toughness. Abrasion resistance and weather resistance.