Problems and solutions in the production of plastic buckets

- Jun 26, 2020-

The plastic bucket is particularly convenient to use, has the function of receiving external force attack, is suitable for a variety of storage and transportation functions, can maintain the things in the barrel from being damaged, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, prevent the entry of external dust, water and other liquid substances, and is easy to clean.

In injection molding production, there may be bubble problem. If the bubble is found at the moment of mold opening, it is due to gas disturbance. The composition of vacuum bubble is due to the lack of filled plastic or low pressure.

The way to deal with this problem is to improve the injection energy, mainly including the pressure, speed, time and material quantity, and improve the back pressure to make the filling mold full; add the material temperature smoothly, reduce the material temperature and shorten it, and properly improve the mold temperature, especially the local mold temperature forming the vacuum bubble part. Set the gate in the thick part of the workpiece, improve the activity of nozzle, runner and gate, and reduce the cost of pressing. If the air is trapped in the mold due to the uneven plastic activity, the treatment method is to use the vacuum exhaust method on the mold, change the gate position, and add the runner diameter. When the plastic enters the warm air workshop, the water will condense on the cold plastic. The method of drying the plastic can be adopted, and the polymer can be stored in the workshop for at least six hours before injection molding.