Price factors affecting ton barrels

- Jan 29, 2018-

(a) ton barrels of raw materials prices:

We all know that ton barrels are made of drums outside the frame and the contents of the lid and the outer cover, valves, such as common composition, the external framework is mainly galvanized steel pipe, the contents of HDPE as raw materials to blow into the material, when the price of steel and plastic materials fluctuations, the price of tons of barrels will fluctuate. This is why the end of 2017 tons of barrels such as barrel plastic barrels will increase prices, because of the price of raw materials prices of the impact of the market, resulting in tons of production costs increased, forced to price adjustment.

(b) Logistics Freight:

Logistics costs need to be based on the number of shipping address distance to calculate, so how much to inquire tons of money specific or need to contact our Sales Manager to provide a shipping address to give you a quote.

(c) Quantity of procurement:

Tons of large volume of purchase, you can apply for preferential policies, the whole vehicle distribution logistics is more cost-effective than zero single.

(d) Quality requirements:

Solid clean production of tons of barrels of corrosion-resistant acid and alkali, high strength, the technical tests in strict accordance with national standards, the use of good materials to produce a good ton of barrels, to eliminate the problem of barrels out of the market. If there are other requirements for the appearance of tons of barrels or custom will also affect the price of tons of barrels.