Plastic buckets in food packaging applications and advantages

- Mar 29, 2018-

Application and advantage of 10 liter plastic barrel in food packaging industry The use of packaged beverages in the food industry is a long-standing one. Especially in recent years, with the promotion of new materials and use, coupled with the promotion of new technology level, so that 10-liter plastic barrels in the field of food packaging to achieve a faster development.

At present, 10 liters of plastic barrels in the food packaging industry occupy the market share can not be underestimated. In fact, in the field of food packaging, the packaging of 10-liter plastic barrel is not only applicable to a wide range, from pickles to dried fruit to fruits, all kinds of products are involved. And this kind of plastic barrel makes the packing of the product more convenient.

Food plastic packaging barrels in recent years, plastic bottle manufacturers introduced a new form of packaging, not only save costs, but also make transportation and handling more relaxed. In other words, compared with other packaging barrels, 10-liter plastic barrels in the cost of more low, lighter in weight, more transparency in the good, but also has a good recycling efficiency.

With these advantages, we can see that this kind of packaging has been used on many occasions.

The advantages of 10 liter plastic barrel products can be summarized as follows: First, 10-liter plastic barrel products to accept the order, you can add printing company logo and other information, and according to customer requirements tailor-made.

Plastic barrel due to material, size, quantity, printing and other inconsistent, so the price is also depending on the specific, and in order to produce the main mode.

Second, the 10-liter plastic barrel products are not only cheap, but also low-cost transport, diverse styles, customers can find their own satisfaction with plastic barrels.

Third, the 10-liter plastic barrel products beautiful, durable, safe and environmentally friendly, recyclable.