Plastic bucket has the advantages of design performance

- Feb 28, 2020-

The high temperature that the plastic bucket can carry is 108 degrees, and the low temperature is - 70 degrees. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of the plastic bucket, the temperature of the liquid that the plastic bucket can carry is usually between - 40 degrees and - 60 degrees. If beyond this numerical planning, when the equipment temperature is lower or the temperature is higher, the plastic bucket should be protected to prevent deformation.

Usage of plastic bucket: put the product in the bucket, put the matching bucket cover flat on the bucket mouth, knock the edge of the bucket cover with a rubber hammer, after the seam reaches 10cm long, rotate 180 degrees, and continue to knock the other edge of the bucket cover to a certain length After that, rotate and knock around the barrel until the lid and barrel are completely closed and sealed. When opening, pry off the anti-counterfeiting opening with a screwdriver, tear off the anti-counterfeiting ring by hand, step on the center of the barrel cover with your right foot, grasp the torn part of the anti-counterfeiting ring by both hands, pull up around the barrel until it is completely opened, or open the lid with a opener.

Plastic bucket has many functions, excellent performance, stable and reliable. The utility model has the function of convenient use. When the bottle mouth of the plastic bucket manufacturer is designed, the convenient opening shall be considered first, and it can be opened and closed for many times. The contents dumped shall be convenient, and the phenomenon of splashing injury shall not occur. It is necessary for the plastic bucket to have the function of accepting the external force. It can adapt to a variety of transportation methods and warehouse storage methods to protect the contents from damage. It is necessary for the plastic bucket to have the function of protecting the contents. It can prevent corrosion, moisture, water and dust. Plastic bucket can insulate dust, water and other liquid substances from the outside, prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating, adapt to the change of environment temperature, protect the package from the sun and ultraviolet rays, and prevent the package from being polluted and corroded.

Before the equipment cover, it is necessary to carefully check whether the sealing ring is in place and whether there is any falling phenomenon, so as to avoid the formation of potential safety hazards. In the process of transportation, the plastic bucket shall be prevented from colliding with solid and sharp objects, falling, abrasion on the surface of the barrel and impact on the service life of the plastic bucket.