Performance Characteristics of steel drums

- Jan 29, 2018-

1, steel barrel of excellent mechanical properties, high strength, so the steel barrel container can be made of thin-walled, high compressive strength, not easily damaged packaging containers. This makes the safety of packaging products reliable and convenient for storage, transportation, loading and unloading and use.

2, the steel barrel processing performance is good, the processing craft mature, can the continuous, the automation production. Steel Barrel has a good ductility and strength, can be rolled into a variety of thickness of the plate, foil, plate can be stamped, rolled, stretched, welded into different shapes and sizes of packaging containers.

3. Steel barrel has excellent comprehensive protective performance. The water vapor transmission rate of steel is very low, completely opaque, can effectively avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Its resistance to gas, moisture-proof, shading and durability of much more than plastic, paper and other types. Therefore, the steel barrel can maintain the quality of goods for a long time, which is especially important for food packaging.

4, steel barrel with a special metal luster, but also easy to print decoration, so that the appearance of luxury goods, beautiful and marketable.

5, steel barrel rich resources, energy consumption and cost is relatively low. But also has the duplicate recyclable, from the environmental protection aspect, is the ideal green.

Although the steel barrel has the above characteristic, but also has the shortcoming. Mainly: chemical stability is poor, corrosion resistance is inferior to plastic and glass, especially ordinary steel rust easily. So many steel drums must be covered with a layer of rust-proof material, in order to prevent from the outside and by the packaging of corrosion damage, but also to prevent the harmful substances in steel products to the pollution of goods, such as steel in varying degrees contain heavy metals, such as PB, SN and so on, these heavy metal ions can and commodity role, especially food, Not only pollute food, but also these heavy metal ions are harmful to human body.