Paint tin buckets use precautions

- May 06, 2019-

In industrial production activities, the use of paint buckets is still relatively large. In addition to the paint, it can also be used to place other materials that we will use in our production activities. Let's take a look at the safety issues that need to be paid attention to during the use of the paint bucket.

Note on the use of paint buckets:

1. Wear appropriate clothing and protective tools, such as glasses, masks, gloves, etc., and paint and solvents on the glasses and skin may cause inflammation.

2. Use paint cans in places with good ventilation and ventilation, which may cause organic solvent poisoning due to coatings and solvent gases;

3. It is absolutely dangerous to use paint buckets in places with fireworks. 

4. Do not touch the shaft and rotating part of the air motor with your hand in the ventilated state, otherwise it will start suddenly and there is a danger of getting your hand caught.

5. When inspecting and cleaning the inside of the paint bucket, be sure to draw out the pressurized air first, otherwise the paint will spray out and the parts will scatter, which may cause serious harm to the body.