Paint cans packaging applications and storage requirements

- Mar 05, 2018-

Paint cans packaging applications and storage requirements

The main reason that the paint cans can not be opened during the process of use is that the paint can not contact with the air in large quantities. All the seals are sealed. The main principle is to open a small mouth so that the air can be easily opened. The key to open the paint bucket is running out Cover the lid to be sealed. Use how much to pour out how much the lid, try to reduce the paint in the bucket and air contact is not easy to dry.

Paint cans need to be prized open

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How to store the paint can

In half, after the oil runs out of furniture, the remaining varnish and reconcile paint can be effectively stored in a bottle of the lacquer device if it is not used for a short period of time. The best method of using the glucose bottle for the operation is as follows: Bottle is ok. Rigid lid, put the bottle upside down for a day or two, and then put the bottle upright into the dark. Long-term storage according to this method, the paint does not appear hard skin and solidification. After the oil finished furniture, if within a day or two have to paint it again, the brush can be washed with gasoline. Find an empty bottle, put the brush directly into the bottle, which filled with water, make the water all submerged brush head.

Paint cans packaging applications

Paint cans used for packaging high-end water-based paint, wood paint, etc. Selection of new material production, the product function far beyond the KW back to the tank. The common seal layout can extend the shelf life of goods. Customized a variety of colors to help customers Personalized selection. Reasonable wall thickness of goods to ensure the stability of delivery.