Packaging advantages of tinplate cans

- Dec 04, 2019-

As the most common canned product on the market, tinplate cans are metal packaging tin cans, which have been respected and used by food, gifts, stationery, tea, oil products and other industries. Due to their strong hardness and tightness, So it has obvious advantages compared with other packaging materials. The following briefly describes the specific superior performance:

1. Good mechanical properties: Compared with other packaging, tinplate cans have much stronger strength, good rigidity, and not easy to break. Not only for small sales packaging, but also for large transport packaging.

2. Excellent tightness: tinplate cans have better tightness than any other material, gas barrier, moisture resistance, light shielding, taste retention, and reliable sealing, which can protect the product to the greatest extent.

3. Mature technology: The production process of tinplate cans has appeared very early, and its technology is quite mature, and its supporting production equipment and tools have also matured, so that it can increase the production efficiency to a greater extent and can also meet the packaging of various products demand.

4. Fine offset printing: the printing performance of metal materials is much better than other materials; the printing of logos, patterns, and text is very delicate and round, which can effectively prevent paint and color from appearing.

5. Different shapes: tinplate cans can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as square cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe shapes, trapezoids, octagons, etc., which not only meets the packaging needs of different products, but also enables tin can packaging. More change.

    As a cheap tinplate, tinplate can't be ignored. In addition to the above advantages, the more important thing is that tinplate cans are green and environmentally friendly products. After use, they can be quickly recycled.