Milk powder tin can manufacturer selection requirements and quality judgment methods

- Dec 04, 2018-

Milk powder tin can, which is a tin can used to hold milk powder, is a metal can, which is made of tin as a material, so it is called a milk powder tin can. The following is the explanation and explanation of the relevant knowledge, so that the product can be used correctly and properly in the right place.


1. Is the choice of milk powder tin can manufacturers important? Is there a requirement?

The choice of the manufacturer of milk powder tin cans is an important task from a professional point of view, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the correct choice of the product, and thus affect the normal use of the product and its use. Therefore, based on this, we should take this work seriously and not be scornful and sloppy. In addition, in the selection requirements, it is required to select professional and regular manufacturers to ensure product quality and good product use.


2. Can milk powder tin cans be used to raise flowers? Is it made of tinplate?

Milk powder tin can, which can be used to raise flowers, when the milk powder is finished, after the milk powder tin can be cleaned, it can be used for flower cultivation or water culture, and the outside can also be coated with colored paper to improve the tin can. The appearance is beautiful. On the material, if it is a pure tin can, it is not a tinplate material, but if it is not a pure tin can, then it can be a tinplate material, because this material is coated with a layer of tin on the surface of the iron. Used as a powdered tin can.


3. Tin foil in milk tin cans need to be torn off when used in tin cans?

The tin foil in the tin powder can not be torn off when used in tin cans, because it can block the outside air and water from entering the tin can, ensuring that the quality of the milk powder in the tin can is stable during the shelf life, and there will be no deterioration. . Moreover, this has no effect on the use of milk powder tin cans, so it is worth keeping.


4. How to judge the quality of the tin powder tin can?

Judging whether it is a good quality tin powder tin can, we can listen to it, and the pure tin material has good ductility. Moreover, you can tap the tin can with your finger. If the quality is good, there will be a clear metal sound and a short echo. If it is a poor quality tin powder tin, the sound will be stuffy. Moreover, this method is simple and convenient to operate, and does not require any tools, and is a more practical method of