Method of repairing plastic bucket.

- May 30, 2020-

The color of plastic bucket products is bright and mellow: the imported food grade color masterbatch is selected to make the products more bright and mellow in uniform dyeing appearance; the wall thickness of the whole barrel is uniform and symmetrical: the latest introduced 360 point wall thickness control technology of jaffren, Italy, makes the wall thickness control of each barrel very accurate;

The product surface is clean and smooth: people rely on clothes, horses and saddles - each one has a specialist to recheck, to ensure that the barrel surface is free of black spots, strains, ribbons, deformation, etc., and improve its beauty;

Humanized planning of the whole barrel: at the beginning of planning, humanization is fully considered for each barrel shape, which makes the promotion of products more comfortable and convenient;

Diversified sealing methods: aluminum foil induction seal, inner plug seal, chemical foaming seal ring seal, Wacker silicone seal, EPE seal;

100% high grade brand new material production: no prohibited substances are added in the production process, which conforms to QS and FDA food packaging;

Excellent chemical stability and anti drop test: ensure the safety of product transportation, especially the transportation of dangerous chemicals;

The barrel body of the plastic bucket is high and beautiful: the occurrence of concave convex deformation is strictly controlled with high cost performance, which conforms to the beauty point of the world audit;

The inspection of plastic bucket before delivery includes: high temperature stacking test, hydraulic leakage test, air tightness test and drop test;

Repair method in case of damage of plastic bucket:

1. The plastic bucket can be completely repaired, but hard glue such as 502 and glass glue can not be used when repairing the plastic bucket. A dark red hacksaw blade can be used. At the cracks cleaned and dried in advance, the plastic at both ends of the cracks can be gently applied to the center of the cracks in sequence until all the cracks are filled and stopped by the hot-melt plastic of hacksaw blade. After cooling, it can be done.

2. We can also find some thick plastic bags to cut according to the appropriate size, and apply the adhesive on the barrel. After a few minutes, we will stick the plastic bags on. When we stick, we should make sure that there is no gap in the sticking. After a period of time, we can use it without water leakage.

3. If the plastic bucket is not cracked but has holes, a piece of plastic sheet shall be found for hot patching.

When the plastic bucket is damaged, the bonding method can also be used. First, clean the surrounding area of the glued surface and the pre patched plastic sheet and roughen them with sandpaper, and then brush the two bonding surfaces with adhesive with a brush.