Metal Paint Tin Cans Sizes

- Sep 13, 2018-

Capacity Measure Use in Global Trade

--measure capacity for metal cans and other container

           Many new foreign friends may puzzled at the sizes how we always use,such as Liter,Gallon,Pint,or Quarts. Today I will make it clear here for you.

           Almost every purchasing manager likes Chinese products,they know that Chinese products is cheap and high quality (like the China metal paint tin cans manufacturer---Wuxi Huatai Packaging ), but do you know Which capacity measure for metal cans,tin cans,metal tin pails or beer buckets or other metal containers that Chinese metal cans manufacturer,wholesaler,and supplier often use ?

           Chinese metal cans manufacturer often use Liter,but not Gallons ,Quarts,or Pints.So if you are strict with your paint tin cans capacity,you must  remind your Chinese supplier to differentiate  between Liter and Gallons,pints and quarts.Now I'll tell you usefull knowledge about these four capacities.

Capacity Measure (British)

1 gallon = 4 quarts

1 quart = 2 pints

           Pint is a capacity measure unit which used in British,America,and Ireland .But one important point must be reminded ,that is pint stands for different meaning between UK and USA. Furthermore,there are two customary pints (liquid pint and less-common dry pint) used in USA,These two pints is 1/8 of the respective gallon.however,resulting from the fact that differing definitions of the gallons,the ipperial pint is about 20% larger than US liquid pints.When I say about these things ,you would be a little dizzy,right ? Let's make it simple,I 'll display with numbers and fomula.

1 liquid pint = 473 mL

1  dry pint = 551 mL

1 UK pint = 20 liquid oz= 568.26125 mL

1 UK pint = 1/2 quart = 1/8 gallon = 1/64 bushel

1 US liquid pint = 16 US liquid oz = 473.1764.73 mL

1 US dry   pint = 1/64 bushel = 550.61047 mL

Still no clear enough ? 

Ok, there is a simple way to remember these knowledge:

You just need to write down two formulas which Chinese manufacturer,supplier or wholesaler use most

1 UK gallon = 4.546 09 Liter

1 US liquid gallon = 3.785 411 784 Liter 

1 US dry   gallon = 4.404 883 770 Liter