Metal can welding operation instructions and pressure resistance determination is necessary

- Dec 14, 2018-

A metal can, which is a can made of a metal material, is also a container that can be used as a packaging container in the packaging industry, and it is widely used. Based on these two points, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the correct and rational use and full utilization of metal cans.


1. Metal cans, is it a can? Should the purchase of this product be taken seriously?

Metal cans, which are not cans, although in some cases can be considered cans, in the strict sense, these are two different cans, and in scope, metal cans and cans are also different. In addition, the can lid and the can body of the can are separately produced and assembled together after the finished product is obtained. In the material is able, cans are made of aluminum and tinplate.


The purchase of metal cans is an important task from a professional point of view, so it is important to pay attention to it and take it seriously, so that you can choose the right product and avoid wrong choices. In the purchase, all relevant factors need to be taken into account in order to have accurate judgment and correct selection of results.


2. Oil storage tank, can it be a metal can?

The oil storage tank can be either a metal tank or a non-metal tank. If it is a metal tank, it is generally welded by a steel plate material. The steel plate used for the ordinary metal tank is a Q235-AF open hearth boiling steel. Larger volume metal cans are manufactured using high strength low alloy steel. In the case of non-metallic cans, reinforced concrete, fiberglass and oil resistant rubber can be used for the materials.


3. How to calculate the volume of a standard metal can? For the welding of metal cans, why do you weld the inside and then weld the outside?

Standard metal cans, if you know the size of the can, you need to know the specific shape of the can to calculate the volume, because the volume of the metal can is related to the shape of the shape. The reason for the welding of the metal can, the inner side of the inner welding and the outer side of the welding, is that the assembly is convenient for the assembly, and the inner welding is slightly more difficult than the outer welding.


4. Is it necessary to measure the compressive strength of metal cans?

The determination of the compressive strength of metal cans is necessary for professionals in this field. Because the metal cans are involved in the sealing performance and pressure resistance of the cans, it is necessary to determine the resistance. The compressive strength is good to know its pressure resistance, and in turn, to avoid problems in the use of metal cans.