Material and structure of aerosol box

- Jun 06, 2019-

The aerosol box is generally used in a 0.20T4 tinplate tin plate and a galvanized plate. At present, the aerosol cans on the market mainly use three-piece cans, and a small number of high-pressure cans such as vehicle refrigerants use two-piece cans of stamping cans, which are also tinplate iron materials.


Aerosol cans are used in the paint industry, including tanks and air valves, and the valves are placed on the top of the tank. It is mounted on the top of the tank by a ring sleeve, and the outer surface of the ring sleeve is coated with ink. The color of the ink is the same as the color of the colorant filled in the aerosol can, so that the color of the color paste in the aerosol can is easily recognized, and the stability of color identification of the color paste in the aerosol can is maintained.


Since the particles in the aerosol canister are separated and the gas has no fixed volume as a liquid, the action of a single moving particle will converge under considerable pressure so that it can diffuse in all directions so that the gas can fill an open space.


The aerosol canister uses these basic principles for a simple purpose: to spray liquid out of the tank containing a liquid that evaporates at normal temperature and contains a liquid that can evaporate at higher temperatures. The effluent is the substance we want to use, such as hair spray or insecticide, which can be fired with a propellant.