Material and characteristics of tin can

- Jun 11, 2019-

(1) tinplate is suitable for coating ink printing, can decorate the appearance, prevent container rust. 2) tinplate thickness is usually between 02 and 04mm. As tinplate sheet is relatively thin, tinplate can is light in weight and can withstand certain pressure. And has a certain mechanical strength, packaging convenient. Easy to transport and store in bulk. Very safe and reliable.

(3) tinplate has good processing performance and can be made into containers and bottle caps of various shapes to meet the requirements of industrial production

(4) tin cans are made of low carbon thin steel plates coated with tin.

(5) tin coating on tinplate surface can maintain a beautiful metallic luster for a long time.

(6) tin is more resistant to corrosion than iron, and is almost harmless when dissolved into food.

(7) tin is a soft metal, tinplate in the process of canning, due to the strong adhesion of tin coating, so it will not crack, will not fall off.

(8) tinplate surface is tin, which is convenient for welding and keeps good sealing performance.