Main factors affecting the appearance brightness of plastic barrels

- Aug 08, 2019-

First, the raw material problem

1. Firstly, we must understand the function of the material and adjust the process formula reasonably. If the sol fluidity is poor after heating the material, it will lead to the appearance of the barrel wall. It can increase the part of the low-pressure resin properly and increase the temperature of the barrel, which can solve the problem accordingly.

2. The material is affected by external influences. The large amount of water vapor in the production process will cause the barrel wall to be dark and not bright during the production process. It is necessary to dry the secondary material to solve the problem.

3. The plastic barrels increase the recycled material during the production process, and the share is large, which causes the appearance brightness of the barrel to decrease. The solution to this problem can be solved by reducing the increase in the share of recycled materials and appropriately increasing the low-pressure resin.

Second, the reason for the mold

1. The mold cooling system leaks water and the long-term mold operation causes the corrosion of the sealing system to be damaged. The mold is leaking in a single orientation. The water leaks into the mold, causing the barrel wall to be dull. It is necessary to replace the sealing strip to ensure the problem of water leakage.

2. The mold exhaust system is not good. Excessive gas stays in the model during the production process, resulting in poor gloss. Therefore, it is necessary to check the exhaust system of the mold in time.