Key points for forming 20 litre plastic bucket

- Apr 30, 2020-

1. The product forming process, die structure and manufacturing process are analyzed. The service life of the mould is guaranteed to be more than 1 million times.

2. It is necessary to design complete mold structure and processing parts, and put forward assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements.

3. Cause the appearance quality defects of plastic parts (such as shrinkage, etc.) or die structure problems (such as parting surface setting, gate setting, die life can not be guaranteed, etc.).

4. Mold appearance: the mold appearance must be free of rust, collision mark, residual absence and other module defects.

5. Mold transportation: the mold transportation must be equipped with a locking mold piece, and the package shall be firm and rustproof.

6. Mold information: a complete set of vulnerable parts and maintenance reference materials must be provided at the same time of mold delivery.

Detailed description of 20L plastic bucket by the manufacturer.

1. The selection of die steel is a product with high requirements for appearance and high brightness on the product surface. Therefore, the selection of die material is very important. Generally, 2316, m340, etc. can be selected The properties of these two materials are super corrosion-resistant, excellent polishing, easy to achieve the effect of lens polishing. The hardness after quenching can reach more than 52, and the wear resistance is quite strong. They are the first choice of die steel for small household appliances.

2. Mold structure design professional designer for you to design a reasonable structure, in order to achieve a short production cycle, reduce the unnecessary post thread processing procedures, in order to improve production efficiency.

3. Cooling water system and gate design according to the product structure characteristics and product appearance requirements design reasonable gate form, there are big gate, hidden gate and fan gate, needle valve type, etc., reasonable channel structure design can make the mold temperature balance in a short time, in order to improve the product accuracy and product production efficiency.

4. The parts are equipped with inserts, guide pillars, guide sleeves, sliders, slide sleeves, inclined roof blocks and other wear-resistant standard parts to improve the service life of the mold.

5. Mold surface treatment mirror polishing.

6. The mold production cycle is expected to be 20-50 seconds.